Why Rent A Hydro Excavator?

  • You’re bidding on, or just won a new job, and they’re requiring the use of a Hydro Excavating Truck. Problem is you don’t presently have one available in your fleet to complete the work. You can rent a hydro vac from us today and secure that contract.
  • You’ve made an order to purchase a new hydro excavating truck, but its going to be several months before your new truck is off the line. You can rent a hydro excavator from HVX Equipment, LLC until your new truck is completed.

    Rent a Hydro Excavator from HVX Equipment, LLC.

  • You’re short on Hydro Excavators because your company owned trucks are in the shop for repair or maintenance, which means more down time and less time out working and making you money. Our hydro excavators available for rent are the latest models, they’re fully serviced and ready to get to work and generate revenue now.
  • You’re a new company, or just starting off in the hydro excavation service industry, and do not yet have the necessary capital to invest in pricey asset such as Hydro Excavating truck. Why wait to start generating revenue? Rent a hydro excavator from HVX Equipment, LLC so you can start increasing your income today, without taking on new debt.
  • You’re trucks just aren’t as efficient or effective as you’d like them to be. You’re spending more time on the job, which is increasing your labor costs. We have new hydro excavating trucks, most trucks are less than 1 year old, and they’re built to specification to handle the most challenging tasks. In fact, our hydro excavators for rent are robust machines, outfitted with heavy duty oil-field service in mind. They’ll get the job done faster and more efficiently, helping you save money and increase profits.
  • HVX Equipment, LLC has Short and Long Term Hydro Excavator Rental Plans available. We also have Rent-To-Own or plans available so you can rent  hydro excavator and a portion of your payments will go towards the buy out of the truck.

For more information about our Hydro Excavators for rent please call 1.888.393.4425 or send us a message via our Contact Us form.